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US image considered one of the casualties of the Katrina crisis

The State Department's undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, Karen Hughes, assumed that the post-storm crime could do the most damage to the U.S. image abroad, writes The Gainville Sun in Florida. Hughes, however, did not describe the flawed relief efforts as a blow to the US image, although much of the global criticism has centered on the Bush administration's response to the storm.

For more world reactions and the impact of the Katrina crisis on the US image, check out the excellent press reviews in the Public Diplomacy Weblog "Eccentric Star," which is edited by a former Foreign Service officer of the US Information Agency.

Germany's aid to Katrina's victims

Technical assistance from Germany has arrived. President Bush praises generosity. Reuters writes about a new solidarity with the United States after recent differences over Iraq:
Residents of Berlin, which survived the 1948-49 Soviet blockade thanks to a U.S.-led airlift, are scrambling to send aid packages to New Orleans after seeing harrowing images of flood victims. Many Berliners are calling the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation to ask how they can send food- and clothing-filled boxes, like the CARE packages the city once received from Americans during the Cold War, to ordinary people suffering in New Orleans. (...)
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Fulbrighters are safe. Many want to help others

The Institue of International Education (IIE) has some good news for the Fulbright community amid the catastrophe: "We are pleased to report that all Fulbrighters in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have checked in with IIE to report that they are safe and well."

Many Fulbright grantees all across the US report that their universities offer admission to students affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Many German Fulbright alumni have sent emails calling for donations to help those in need. We have already linked to the online donation form of the American Red Cross. If you don't trust the internet with your money or want to donate to German agencies to avoid international credit card fees, check out this list of agencies set up by Katrina Hilfe.