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The Oregon Alumni Association e.V. consists of former participants of the student exchange program of the states of Baden-Württemberg and Oregon, which was founded in 1967. Many Oregon Alumni are also active Fulbright Alumni, driven by Senator J. William Fulbright's idea to improve the mutual understanding between nations by building up personal networks:
Most of us came back to Germany with a heart full of memories about Oregon, some of us came back with a Master or even Doctorate degree, others with a wedding ring, some with both, and some never came really back.
The Oregon Alumni experienced Oregonian hospitality and insights into the American way of life that will be unforgettable to them. They want to help to put their experience to a good use by maintaining personal contacts to Oregon, for example by organizing annual workshops on German-American topics as well as the traditional Thanksgiving party for American host students.
A new project since 2005 has been the Native Speakers Program to enhance the English language lessons in German highschools, starting in Sindelfingen and in Nürtingen near Stuttgart. Sam Engel, a 2004/2005 exchange student from Oregon who taught as a native speaker at the Hölderlin-Gymnasium in Nürtingen last spring, was impressed by the hospitality he received and the interest that high-school students showed in the United States. Sam is actually planning to come back to Germany one day, a sign that he enjoyed his stay in our country.

A highlight in 2005 was the subsequent common Thanksgiving Party of American host students, Oregon Alumni and Hölderlin highschool students. The Nürtinger Zeitung reported about this event.  
Oregon Alumni presidents Ulrich Wandel and Andrea Möhringer who where students in Oregon back in 1987/88 plan that their initiative will continue to grow in 2006: "We Oregon Alumni would like to pass our positive experience in the United States on to the future generation of students."

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