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Germany Loves Tom Cruise

"The German Defence Ministry has dropped its concerns about Tom Cruise being a member of Scientology and decided to allow him to shoot scenes inside the Defense Ministry for his film about the plot to assassinate Hitler," writes Spiegel International.

When the Denfence Ministry rejected Tom Cruise's request in June, Time Magazine published an article by Andrew Purvis under the headline "Why Germany Hates Tom Cruise." For the sake of being fair and balance, Time Magazine should now run the headline "Why Germany Loves Tom Cruise."

It would be nice to have some shades of grey rather than this popular question in the US media: "Why do they hate us?" I sometimes get the impression, that whenever a foreigner does not love the US, he is suspected of hating the US.

Regarding the Tom Cruise controversy see Sonja's Atlantic Review article Scientology: Tom Cruise Banned from Filming in Berlin?, incl. the 38 comments from our readers.


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Fuchur on :

Good thing they changed their mind. Banning Cruise would have been a silly thing to do. I think a few government members were so eager to read their name in the paper that they didn't think their actions fully through at first... Concerning the movie, I'm a bit worried after having read Tom Cruise gush over Stauffenberg. I hope they have the courage to show that Stauffenberg is not just a spotless hero, but a quite ambiguous figure. Whatever his true feelings about the Nazis were - they didn't stop him from being a well-oiled wheel in their machinery for far too long.

Don S on :

"Why Germany Loves Tom Cruise."? The answer is perfectly obvious. It's Elron Hubbard's mind control rays! ;)

Pat Patterson on :

It's L. Ron Hubbard and the scientologists would argue that the German bureacracy is now "Clear." Or else Xenu sent a very nasty note to Chancellor Merkel.

Don S on :

I'm afraid poor Time is a shadow of it's former self. Who cares whether Germany 'hates' Tom Cruise? I doubt that't the case. A lot of the German government hates Scientology but that is not the same of hating an individual actor. I think certain German authorities made a mistake in judgment in carrying their vendetta against Scientology out on an individual. They seem to have recognized the error, rectified it, and moved on. So should we all.

Pamela on :

Of course Germany backed down. Follow the money, honey. Hollywood is rife wtih Scientologists. Start banning filiming for movies that employ them and you could be looking at some serious money getting spent instead in say - Italy. But I do agree w/the German government. Scientology is a for-profit scam/cult and the U.S. Government should shut up about how Germany handles it.

hannh on :

Scientology+medias+germany gouvernement = up in arms to destroy sweet Tom's life. TIME sucked this time, and big time. It's obviously easier to say "hate" than "love".

Martin on :

Cowardly Germans. They have surrendered and appeased Scientology. What damn weasels. In two weeks Islam will take over the country.

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