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Who's Right on the G8-Summit: Bloggers or Academics and Politicians?

I work as head of research for the Online Think Tank Atlantic Community. We have covered the G8 summit extensively.

• John Kirton of the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto argued that the 2007 G8 summit was "a striking success." See his op-ed: Blair's Farewell Breathes New Life Into G8:
[The G8's] biggest breakthrough came on climate, thanks to Tony Blair’s influence on an accommodating George Bush, bridge building by Canada’s Stephen Harper, and Angela Merkel’s skill in uniting her Atlantic allies on an ambitious new approach.
• Marco Overhaus of the University of Trier argued: Flawed G8 is Still "Best Show In Town"

• Katherina Reiche, a leading German CDU parliamentarian, opines that "the G8 summit achieved great progress on climate change policy" and argues: US and EU Should Cooperate on New Energy Technology

• In my round-up What Bloggers Are Saying About The G8 Summit, I wrote that most bloggers complained about much talk and too few results and that the bloggers used a lot of sarcasm and humor in their coverage of the G8 Summit.

What do you think? Who got it right? What is your assessment of the G8 Summit?
I'd appreciate your comments here on Atlantic Review and on Atlantic Community. Registration at the latter is real fast.


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From the Atlantic Review, the Berlin-based press digest, here are two round-ups of last week's G8 summit (here and here) by Joerg Wolf....


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