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G8 Summit: Blogosphere Round-up

I have written a post for the Atlantic Community about Bloggers opinions on the G8 summit in Germany. I have described bloggers' serious and sarcastic commentary on the lack of real commitments concerning climate change and aid for Africa (exception: Bush's $ 30 billion for the next five years).
I ended with blogs discussing our world leaders drinking sessions: The Germans made Bush drink beer? Has Putin drank Sarkozy under the table, see video of press conference and judge for yourself. Why was Bush sick? Putin attacked him with Polonium? Check it out!
The Atlantic Community is a new "Open Think Tank on Global Issue" which features serious and constructive policy discussions on important issues for the transatlantic alliance:
energy security, terrorism, proliferation, trade, development, climate change, china, India, Greater Middle East etc.

My Atlantic Review colleague Sonja Bonin, working as a journalist and translator in Shanghai, has written
"Europe and America Too Divided Over China Policy" for the Atlantic Community. She argues that
the United States and Europe should unify their policies on China. Both currently have separate strategies on how to deal with China’s growing economic and military might. This division shows other rising powers that the West lacks a plan to keep its place in a new world order.
You can comment on any article in the Atlantic Community, when you take a few seconds to register here. Registration also enables you to use our community directory, find other members with similar interests, start networking and participate in our polls.


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From the Atlantic Review, the Berlin-based press digest, here are two round-ups of last week's G8 summit (here and here) by Joerg Wolf....


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Johnston on :

Nicely layouted website. The posts are pretty short and superficial. Not really scientific, but no think tank is.

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