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English Language Blogs about "Nutty Germans" and more

• "Germans seem to be nuts about digital photography." German Impressions

DJ Nozem writes about "Nutty Germans" and disagrees with some media coverage of the "Muslim threat."

• "Is the Autobahn a myth or can you really drive as fast as you want in Germany?" High T3ch answers with a video.

• Many Germans are nuts about 
the GDR's Trabant car, which is still chugging along, writes BBC NEWS (via German Impressions)

About the GDR museum: A Berlin Diary

• "Despite some people making useful suggestions, elsewhere in the EU it seems all but impossible to shake of the spectre of that damned EU constitution. Current European Union president Angela Merkel keeps on bringing the bloody thing up, repeating the same thing that has been said ever since the thing was rejected by the French and Dutch referendums back in the summer of 2005," opines Nosemonkey.


What About Clients? on : <em>Atlantic Review</em>: Black History Month In Germany?

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Well, yes. In the past four days, the Atlantic Review, the press digest by German Fulbright alumni, has covered that story, the Oscars, and even &quot;English Language Blogs about 'Nutty Germans'&quot;....


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ADMIN on :

General question on style: Is there too much bold print in this blog? Is the emphasis in bold helpful to get an overview and find topics of interest? Or is the bold print annoying and makes reading more difficult?

Nanne on :

Not too much bold. The emphasis in bold is good for scanning text, as long as it doesn't all clutter together. Which it doesn't as there is plenty of space here.

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