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UPDATE: Reaction to Iraq Speech and Other Topics

The Washington Note: "Did the President Declare 'Secret War' Against Syria and Iran?" Senators Biden and Hagel are concerned that the president could escalate the Iraq war by striking Syria and Iran without seeking authorization from Congress. President had said "We'll interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq." Secretary Rice did not put those concerns to a rest and Hagel brought up the Vietnam war: "Some of us remember 1970, Madame Secretary, and that was Cambodia, and when our government lied to the American people and said we didn't cross the border going into Cambodia."

Europe Reserved About Bush's New Way Forward in Iraq and the view from London

The Economist's Charlemagne describes the new power structure in the European and makes good points criticizing Chancellor Merkel's agenda for the EU presidency as too broad, too ambitious and focusing on the wrong priorities. The criticism of the plans for a "transatlantic free trade area" might be based on a misunderstanding. See the post about Merkel's Blitzvisit and the Harmonization of Technical Standards.

German Rent-a-Protestor Business on the Rise
Americans Taking Bigger Bite of German Christmas Fare

Controversial Mozart Opera gets staged after all -- without incident. (The earlier cancellation produced a lot of free publicity...)

"Foreign policy divides the Democrats:" The New Yorker describes some foreign policy positions by the potential Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards as well as Evan Bayh, the Senator from Indiana who recently decided that he will not seek the 2008 Democratic nomination for President. Very Interesting, but not specifically about President Bush's "surge." (HT: Marian)


What About Clients? on : Europe blah on Iraq speech, but German rent-a-protestor biz up.

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The Berlin-based Atlantic Review, a news digest on US-Europe affairs, collects posts on European reaction to Bush Iraq speech, and other topics. Don't miss the Deutsche Welle piece on the German protestor rental industry AR found at


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