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My Predictions for 2012

1. Germany's Federal President will resign after less than two years in office. Christian Wulff will be the second head of state in a row who resigns because he does not like what the press writes about him. Germans will get new president. Again without the opportunity to vote.

2. Americans will vote, but they won't get a new president. Obama will win in November because the economy improves, unemployment goes down and the Republican base does not care enough for Mitt Romney to do intensive door-to-door campaigns.

3. The Euro, Sarkozy and Putin will stay. Assad, Mugabe, Chavez, and Kim Jong-un will not.

4. Denmark will win the Eurovision Song Contest and the Euro soccer championship. They will rule the Euro-Atlantic world. They already have the EU presidency and the NATO Secretary General, and today Danish General Knud Bartels assumed his position as Chairman of NATO's Military Committee.

5. One of those unknown unknowns will cause big trouble, but most of us will still dance like fools in 2013. The Mayas will be proven wrong. I think. But hey, what do I know.

What are your predictions?


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