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NATO Transformation: Q&A with General Abrial

From my day job:

Join Atlantic Community for our next Q&A with General Stéphane Abrial, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. We invite you to ask questions about NATO's ongoing efforts to implement "Smart Defense" and share your own thoughts on how to handle transformation in the 21st century.

General Abrial is the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT), which is responsible for ensuring NATO remains an effective and innovative force in the 21st century despite economic pressures and budget rollbacks.

The Norfolk, Virginia-based ACT is at the forefront of implementing Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen's call for "Smart Defense," which he describes as "ensuring greater security, for less money, by working together with more flexibility."  By defining the military capabilities needed, incorporating new operational concepts into the broader NATO framework, and advocating collaborative defense development between members, ACT's mission is to ensure the Alliance can avoid, in the words of General Abrial, "turning an economic crisis into a strategic one."

In his video address on, General Abrial outlines Allied Command Transformation's mandate to develop "Smart Defense" and offers his thoughts on some of the most pressing questions facing NATO today

Atlantic Review readers can submit questions for General Abrial to the editorial team via email to by November 29, 6:00 PM CET. Please include your full name, country of residence, and your professional or academic affiliation (optional).  A set of wide-ranging questions will be selected by Atlantic Community to be addressed by General Abrial, and his responses will then be published on shortly afterwards with a further opportunity for comments.

You can also submit your questions via our Facebook page or via Twitter @atlanticcom (with hashtag #natoqa). If you are not yet a member of, please consider joining and debating the big issues in transatlantic relations with more than 6000 other members. Registration is free and only takes a minute.


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