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The German "Obama Girl" Adores Steinmeier

The election campaign in Germany was pretty boring, but it got a bit more interesting in recent weeks as the opinion polls show some movement. Merkel will most likely remain chancellor, but its open whether she will govern with the Liberal Democrats, or have to continue to work with the Social Democrats. The latter gained a few percentage points in the polls in recent weeks.

And now, a German "Obama girl" has appeared. She sings that she has a crush on German Foreign Minister Steinmeier ("Steini") from the Social Democrats. Will everything change now? Is Steinmeier going to become chancellor after all? Nah, I doubt it. It's just funny that pretty cheap versions of Obama type campaigning are appearing now in Germany.

For a bit more seriousness have a look at the The Obama Check by the TapMag blog ranking German politicians' Obamaness.

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Don S on :

I like Steinie-girl. I wonder whether she will grow up to be Steinie-woman (like one sees at Oktoberfest, I mean)? She's not a member of the Hinter Youth of Die Partei, perchance? That would only add to her appeal. The Federal Rabbit is also a fine idea. The US should bin the American Eagle and replace it with Bugs Bunny.

Zyme on :

Oh dear, I saw this one a few days ago and wondered - who created it? Is it a diabolic plot by the competition?

Marie Claude on :

uh, he is getting Helmuth'look ! But isn't Frau Merkel the most powerful woman, in the world ? otherwise about the 3sangerin, oh dear too ! uh Don still dreamin of big boobs ?

Pat Patterson on :

I saw a news blurb that the German version of GBLT organization was demanding representation in the next round of SD ads. I think the transgendered person is running slightly ahead as he or she can also switch hit for the other categories as well. Hah!

Don S on :

I'm more of a leg man, Marie. Her's are impeccable. ;)

Marie Claude on :

actually at Oktoberfest, they only must be good while we see more balkonies :lol: uh, go Angela go !

Don S on :

Never heard anyone call them balconies before. At Oktoberfest what matters are strong arms (and strong chest of course), the better to satisfy many men at once.

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