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• Mr. Jason Haserodt from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the Department of State is among those who recommend our project:

Anyone interested in a fresh, thoughtful, and in-depth look into transatlantic relations will find the Atlantic Review an indispensable source for comprehensive, well-balanced news.

Mr. Haserodt's review is available for registered members of the State Department's Alumni portal.


• Dr. Cordula Brown, German Program, Seattle University:

Excellent work! I look forward to every single issue of the Atlantic

Folkard Wohlgemuth, GFA Consulting Group and former Deputy Director of the Aspen Institute Berlin:

From pros to cons, from the Liberals to the Neoconversatives, from the pundits to the bloggers, from the in-depth to the weird – it's all here. Keep up the good work!

Robert Buessow, Switzerland

Atlantic Review is younger, bolder, fresher than traditional newspaper and think tank reports. They react much faster, too. I like your focus on transatlantic issues and your non-partisanship.

To be updated shortly.

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