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Contest: Six-Word Motto for Europe and America

The NY Times' Freakonomics blog mentions England's reluctant search for a national motto and runs a contest for a six-word description of the United States. Pat Patterson recommended it and said that he likes best #9 "Hubris: It's not just for Greeks" and #52 "The hot girl who ignores you." I like #30 "The worst country, besides all others" and #103 "We Reserve the Right to Invade."

What's your favorite motto for the United States, Britain, Germany, France or the European Union? Post in the comments section.


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franchie on :

US : Once, I had a dream France : the kinky chance for EU jackpot Germany : the Goths on moving on UK : my taylor is rich with EU EU : Der derforming Spiegel of dream/nightmare

VinceTN on :

I liked the one from Australia: "Quiet, or we'll liberate you too!"

John in Michigan, USA on :

US: oul election is biggel than youls

Martin on :

US election campaigns are MOST certainly the most interesting, suspenseful and funny in the world

John in Michigan, USA on :

Yes. Recently people have trouble telling the difference between left (l) and right (r) and sometimes they switch.

Pat Patterson on :

EU, we will find that diaper! Germany, there are no Colonel Klinks here!

Fuchur on :

Here are a few mottoes for Germany :-) : Why can't we just be Switzerland? It's nice - just too many Germans. He was from Austria, damn it!

Kyle Atwell on :

Ha, Arnold! I actually got to meet him yesterday! :) I am pretty confident most American's wouldn't know that Austria is a country, much less that it is a different country than Germany.

Fuchur on :

Oh, you're right! Well, I hope at least in California they know about Austria by now?! But, I have to admit, I was actually thinking of the [b]other[/b] Austrian (in the 30s)...

Don S on :

Austria? Isn't that down south of the equator? South of Japan. They talk funny and export bad beer... ;)

Don S on :

Yes, Fuchur. But we don't want to invoke Godwin's Law by naming him, do we? Apart from the obligigatory close comparison between the Austrian and each US President, of course! So let's talk about Australians instead. The only one I know of from the 30's was Don Bradman, the famous cricketeer. Who was from Australia, dammitt!

joe on :

T.A.R.S Talk Appease Retreat Surrender.

Pat Patterson on :

Every red-blooded American knows about Austria. As the famous American singer and composer, Randy Newman, once said, "They got surfin' too."

franchie on :

tic tic boom boom to be or not to be if I had a hammer no rien de rien, je ne regrette rien

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