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Anti-American Food

A German store for outdoor supplies sells cheeseburgers in cans. Isn't that an abomination of food and a crime against US culture? (Even worse than drinking French red wine out of a plastic cup.) Or is it a sign of how much Germans love US food: They event want to eat it on hiking trips? It's certainly not environmentally friendly due to the waste of energy for producing the can and the potential trash in nature. One guy at Reddit calls it a sign of the "downfall of humanity."

The stereotype of the fat Americans with their daily diet of fast food is pretty popular in Germany, but more and more Germans are obese themselves. According to a new study, "two thirds of German men and 51 percent of the women carry something called excess fat around with them all the time. This is up from 39 percent of the men and 47 percent of the women determined in a study done 20 years ago," writes Observing Hermann.

Related post in the Atlantic Review from last year: Germans are as fat as Americans and Up-Scaling Junk Food in Europe.

Endnote: Here is some sad fast food advertisement irony.


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Pat Patterson on :

No, no, no you've got it all wrong. That is simply a MRE in a crush proof container that will eventually come back to either the US or Europe as honest-to-God Made in China gold(content) dental fillings. Or to Britain as the cylinder heads in a Jaguar made by the Indian based Tata Motors.

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