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Atlantic Review Newsletter January 2008

Dear loyal subscribers, 

Thank you for your continued commitment to the Atlantic Review. The past few months have seen rising tensions among the allies over the conflict in Afghanistan, a pickup in the US political campaigns, pivotal elections in Russia and Georgia, Germany seeking a ban on Scientology, Pakistan and Kosovo on the brink of conflict, and much more.

Below is a roundup of the most popular topics in transatlantic relations, provided by your editors at Atlantic Review. Again, thank you for continuing to read the Atlantic Review, your source for current news and commentary on transatlantic relations.

But first, the Atlantic Review is proud to introduce the newest editor on the staff, Kyle Atwell. You can find information on Kyle's biography here. 

This month's most talked about issues in transatlantic relations:

* Politics: Obama, Huckabee, and elections in Russia
* Culture: education and religion on both sides of the Atlantic
* Defense
: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kosovo heat up

* State of Relations: think-tankers argue at a low, Rice says at a high

Barack Obama's Lack of Real Interest in Transatlantic Cooperation
Senator Obama is criticized for failing to convene a single policy meeting of the Senate European subcommittee, of which he is chairman. Continue Reading.

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Americans and Europeans Raised in Prejudice and Ignorance
Denis from the blog SuperFrenchie writes, "Americans by and large all agree on this: America is the greatest country in the world, the American way of doing things is the only possible one, and everybody supports the troops. They learn that in schools from the earliest age, along with the fact that everything else (and everywhere else) is, by definition, flawed." Continue Reading.

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War for Dummies: Step 1, Fighting Is Necessary (6 comments)
"I am not ready to let NATO off the hook in Afghanistan at this point," Gates told the House Armed Services Committee. Ticking off a list of vital requirements -- about 3,500 more military trainers, 20 helicopters and three infantry battalions -- Gates voiced "frustration" at "our allies not being able to step up to the plate." Continue Reading.

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The Future of Transatlantic Relations (3 comments)
Nikolas K. Gvosdev and Richard Haas point out respectively, that "shared values are an insufficient basis for partnership without compelling shared interests" and that "transatlantic cooperation will be less predictable and more selective." Continue Reading.

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Recent guest post on Atlantic Review:

The State of the Citizen's European Union (24 comments)
Nanne Zwagerman of the European Tribune criticizes the European Commission's list of 2007 achievements. Being relatively low on the radar the EC does need to advertise itself, but hopefully they will have a little more to boast about next year, says Atlantic Review's guest columnist. Continue Reading.

If you would like to submit a guest article, please contact the editors Joerg, Sonja and Kyle. 


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