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"All Germans Are Racists"

I appreciate very much the many smart and insightful comments on Atlantic Review. (Thank you all!) Once in a while, someone leaves a stupid comment. Yesterday someone called Ahmed left such a comment on "Racism in Germany" posted in May 2006. His comment starts with "Racism in Germany is an inborn error, from which every German citizen suffers." I wonder whether Ahmed realizes that this statement is racist? The comment is so stupid that it is funny.


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Zyme on :

Its this kind of people that renders going by bus undesireable.

John in Michigan, USA on :

I want to thank Zyme for daring to reveal the terrible truth about busses. I doubt it will be enough to save the automobile industry in my home state, but every little bit helps!

Zyme on :


Pat Patterson on :

Ok, now I'm thoroughly confused as to what the topic was here. It seemed to start with a DNA rant and ended with kissing and its relationship with automobile sales.

Don S on :

Ahhh - ermmmm, Gentlemen, I am the kind ot person who travels by bus. Every day of my life except the occasional weekend day when I have a lie-in and can't be bothered. John who is going to save the bus manufacturers of Michigan? Not that the busses I use are made in Michigan - I rather doubt they bother to ship Busses to the UK these days. Rather the other way around, I imagine the UK sell a few of their patented double-deckers to the states for tourist runs.

Zyme on :

In my city (130 000 inhabitants), busses are the only kind of public transport. Everyone who can afford it goes by car, so next to students all the remaining rest can be met in busses. It is a horror to be avoided at all costs.

Don S on :

Lot's of nice people on busses, Zyme. The vast majority are, even most of the kids. Very few drunks or druggies use the bus for some reason. From my POV the worst riders are very aggressive mothers with baby carriages, particularly the double wide kind. Not enough room in the aisle and you better get out of the way or they'll run you over! The other day I was caught in a bit of a mob scene when a crowd which had been waiting a long time pushed on. It would have been ok except a father wedged a baby carrige right into the middle of the entrance and there wasn't any room for me or other passengers. I tried to get off but there wasn't any room there either because of the crowd. I finally fell because there was no place to put my feet - got out that way. Last time I mess with a crowd at a bus stop - I'll just wait, call a cab, or walk. But that is the kind of thing happens at most once a year.

Zyme on :

I have not yet experienced something this violent. But what makes going by bus so undesireable here is the combination of the following: Small babies for your ears, only the most talented in obesity for your eyes and always a bum in sight (or better in smell) for your nose. Not to forget the ordinary elder person (standing) that looks at you (sitting) in a reproachful way until you ask whether he/she would like to take a seat and who then promptly refuse. This combination drives me crazy - the only help is to put in a sound absorbing headset, listen to calm music, close your eyes and breath through your mouth in the worst cases. The funny thing is, the bus is mostly alright when I didn´t think about these things before entering. But whenever I am in doubt whether this really is a good idea, all of the above sensations occur.

Don S on :

"Small babies for your ears, only the most talented in obesity for your eyes and always a bum in sight (or better in smell) for your nose. Not to forget the ordinary elder person (standing) that looks at you (sitting) in a reproachful way until you ask whether he/she would like to take a seat and who then promptly refuse." LOL! Babies, yes (plus baby carts. Usually not too bad - small childrne obsessed with making precisely the same noise every few seconds are worse than babies. Very few bums where I live, and I can't recall the lass smelly one. I'm rather obese myself and so don't judge. As for the reproachful elders: A) I don't blame them - bus etiquette is for the younger to yield their seat to the elder or to pregnant women without asking. So my good mother trained me. B) So I get up for the oldsters without waiting to be glared at. Hell, I do my fair share of staring (if not glaring) myself! Teenagers dash onto the bus and grab the good seats, sometimes elbowing you aside to get them. So their elders end up standing. Staring works better than glaring I find. A good stare ("what astonishing behavior") can make them start to fidget and sometimes even gets them on their feet. Glaring just makes them obstinate. Not a huge problem for me anyway as my ride is rarely more than 10 minutes. The advantage of riding public transport is the range of humanity one encounters and observes. Most everyone has a kind of beauty - even old women and bums have their own beauty, though sometimes it takes a great artist to open that beauty to us. It's one reason Rodin and Van Gogh are among my favorite artists - they were adept at showing all kinds of beauty.

Omar on :

@joerg: why are you confused by this scientifically very insightful comment? it has been argued that the "arian race" has an extended genome which increases (or rather creates?) racism. They tend to be able - as "Ahmed" explained - to suppress this "inborn error", when the "economy-drive gene" gets in its way. But don't despair: a cure has been found: The de-Arification can be achieved quite often by a tested method of potatoe-deprivation.. Oh, and next week i'll be able to explain how to de-Niggerize an african American and get him to not steal your food and start a brawl. Or perhaps this can be left for Susanne Winter.. yack! cya.

Bill on :

Hello Jörg, I haven't read through all of the comments here re: Ahmed's dumb comment at your May 2006 post BUT it could be that he stumbled across that old post via the SPHERE search engine (as I did today). You (and your readers) may be interested in a new post up at Jewels (dated Jan 24th) on the subject of xenophobia and racism in German state elections and the 2007 Swiss national election campaigns. Spiegel Online (International edition) has been all over the subject as of late. Check it out as there are 9 webpages of viewpoints from Spiegel Online International readers who live and work in Deutschland. I wonder if the original German language edition of the popular news magazine published David Crossland's opinion editorial "Germany's Homegrown Intolerance" with reader feedback 'auf Deutsch'? Do you know anything about that?

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