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The Video and Food Round Up

GM's Corner presents Georg Friedrich Haendel's "Messiah - For unto Us a Child is born" composed in 1741 and performed by inmates of the Sugarland Prison in Texas today. Apparently it is also good work-out music ;-)

GM's Corner also promotes the Gratitude Campaign to thank US soldiers for their service. I noticed that the hand gesture to express gratitude is the same gesture that is common in the Middle East and Central Asia to express respect. Interesting how universal these signs are.

Jeff Weintraub recommends a hilarious video about American Jews celebrating Christmas with a meal composed of the North American Ashkenazi Diaspora's traditional cuisine, Chinese-American food:
Ever since Eastern European Jewish immigrants began arriving in large numbers about a century ago, they showed a special inclination to go to Chinese restaurants whenever they went out to eat non-Jewish food.

USA Erklaert, a German language blog explaining the USA to German readers, translated the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe into measurements used in Germany. And Unfrisiertes got the video and song for the recipe. Hm, yummy. The blog also explains that Americans don't wish each other "Good appetite" before starting a meal, while Germans can't do without these Tischmanieren. Well, I often heard the phrase "Dig in" in the US. And I loved it.

Observing Herman is the best headline writer in the universe: "American hassled and attacked at German McDonald's, US troops to now stay longer."


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