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Tom Cruise Receives "Courage" Award in Germany

The Moderate Voice:

Does Tom Cruise deserve to be referred to as courageous for portraying Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg - a high-ranking Nazi who tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler? According to this tribute by the publisher of one of Germanys leading newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, With his decision to lend Graf von Stauffenberg a face, Tom Cruise will change the image that the world has of us Germans.

Full translation at World Meets Us. German original at FAZ. Related Atlantic Review post: Germany Loves Tom Cruise.


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Pat Patterson on :

And here all this time I thought it was Marlene Dietrich singing Lili Marleen that gave lie to the idea that all Germans were willing accomplices.

bashy on :

how nice! but he dosen't have the right to practice his religion.

Volker on :

They want to take down The "Church" of Scientology and not outlaw the "belief". He can practice his "religion", whatever that means.

bashy on :

you can't outlaw someones belief if you wanted to. A person should be allowed to practice their religion in open. at a church ect. I'm not a fan of scientology, but I strongly believe in freedom of religion. there is good and bad in all religions. most of them prey on the poor.

Zyme on :

This organization does not fit into Germany. For further information, look into the discussion at the latest entries about Scientology here.

Pamela on :

Scientology aside, I don't understand why courage is necessary to portray Stauffenberg. Truly, I don't. What Stauffenberg did, along with his accomplices, took courage. But an actor portraying a courageous man for which he gets paid big money, requires courage how? It would probably take more courage for me to actually sit through a Tom Cruise movie.

Kyle - Atlantic Review on :

No, Scientology is not a cult. Just check out this video of Tom Cruise for proof:

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