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Fulbrighter describes London attacks as a turning point for the US Islamic community

US Fulbright Fellow Shadi Hamid states in the Christian Science Monitor that 7/7 forced the American Muslim community to finally confront an uneasy reality. "On that day, something clicked inside me and so many other Muslims who, in focusing primarily on the threat to Muslim civil liberties, had not paid enough attention to the threat of religious extremism in our own communities." Hamid suggests that anyone caught advocating violence should be expelled from mosque grounds, and reported to the appropriate authorities, while more effort should be made to convince young, easily impressionable Muslims to get involved in the American political process. Besides,

Muslims must rediscover their religion's deep respect for the sanctity of human life - whether the lives in question are British, Iraqi, or Israeli. The Muslim community's inability or unwillingness to speak out against suicide bombing in Israel is reflective of the moral depths to which we've so tragically sunk. (....) Ultimately, American Muslims aren't walking time bombs or potential fifth columns. (...) Rather, Muslims here should be seen as one of the best weapons against terrorism. With their diversity and knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu, they're an untapped resource. As the US wages not only a war on terror but a war of ideas, American Muslims can do much to strengthen public diplomacy efforts in the Arab world that, so far, leave much to be desired.


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