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NATO: Georgia Referendum and Giuliani Seeks Expansion

DefenseNews reports that a scheduled January 5 referendum in Georgia on the issue of snap parliamentary elections will also include the question, "Do you support Georgia's entry into NATO?"  Georgia is currently working to fulfill an Individual Partnership Action Plan under NATO tutelage.

If Georgia chooses to continue the slog toward full NATO membership, success will require convincing the current NATO clique that Georgia can be, on net, a security contributor rather than a security consumer (see NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer's speech on Georgian membership). 

This referendum brings to mind two important questions: should NATO expand, and if so, which countries should it invite? 

US Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani believes "NATO should be open to expanding its membership" to include Australia, South Korea, Israel, India, Japan and Singapore.  Mr. Giuliani argues that NATO should be more than a military alliance, but a "global security alliance."


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Badbiy Recovered on :

stop scaring me like this!

David on :

Well, if NATO is to expand as Rudy wants, we would need to change its name to NTO = Neo-Con Treaty Organization. Is there any major candidate more ignorant of foreign affairs than Rudy?

Pat Patterson on :

Pres. Clinton used the auspices of NATO, correctly I think, to bomb Serbia without really convincing many that either the 2nd or 4th Articles were applicable. Certainly no soft power in action. And if Mayor Giuliani wants to expand NATO, even to noncontiguous nations, then he certainly fits in with American foreign policy thinking and goals for almost twenty years, or was Pres. Clinto simply not paying attention to the admission of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland while he was president? The Mayor's address, when not referring specifically to NATO, reads very much like Sec. Gates recent call for closer cooperation between State and Defense so that the US is not always put in the position of having only one solution available to any international problem. Solutions that even a pie-eyed yellow dog Democrat might understand. [url][/url]

SC on :

Pat, Giuliani also commented in his Foreign Affairs article "Toward a Realistic Peace" on the need for reform at State. His message preceded that of Secretary Gates and calls for significantly more than just cooperation with Defense. I should have included the link below to the article since it is freely available.

Pat Patterson on :

SC-Thanks, I've had that article sitting on my desk for weeks and kept forgetting to read it. And yes my comment really doesn't do justice to what Sec. Gates or Mayor Giuliani are proposing. I especially liked the part about new members having to meet standards, though membership in the current iteration of NATO does as well, of basic good governence and having the economic ability to pay for the some this new equipment and programs.

David on :

Rudy and diplomacy? What a joke. His "solution" has always been "mo' better wars" along with "mo' better torture". But that's red meat to the Republican "base".

Anonymous on :

Is anybody ever going to tell David to go to DailyKos if wants to assume that tone and engage with other posters in such a juvenile manner? I suppose I just did. "Mo' better torture"? Neo-Con Treaty Organisation? Mo' juvenile petulence. YAWN

SC on :

“NATO's role and character should be reexamined. For almost 60 years, it has been a vital bond connecting the United States and Europe. But its founding rationale dissolved with the end of the Cold War, and the alliance should be transformed to meet the challenges of this new century. NATO has already expanded to include former adversaries, taken on roles for which it was not originally conceived, and acted beyond its original theater. We should build on these successes and think more boldly and more globally. We should open the organization's membership to any state that meets basic standards of good governance, military readiness, and global responsibility, regardless of its location. The new NATO should dedicate itself to confronting significant threats to the international system, from territorial aggression to terrorism. I hope that NATO members will see the wisdom in such changes. NATO must change with the times, and its members must always match their rhetorical commitment with action and investment.” By Rudolph Giuliani, from “Toward a Realistic Peace”, in the Sept/Oct issue of Foreign Affairs. In other words, he recommends revitalizing NATO by situating it at the center of new and enlarged security architecture with membership predicated on some basic standards which include good governance, commitment, and investment. And yes, if this were to come about a name change might well be in order. But while he hopes that NATO 2.0 would confront threats to the international system, notice that should this come to pass the US, and likely US actions to follow, would be firmly embedded in a rather significant multilateral security arrangement.

Don S on :

"success will require convincing the current NATO clique that Georgia can be, on net, a security contributor rather than a security consumer " I think a far more fundamental question has to be answered. Can Germany be on net, a security contributor rahter than a security consumer? The same could be asked of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria..... - but Germany. Actually the question is a bit more pointed. Germany surely has the potential to be a net contributor. So whay have they chosen not to?

Alexander on :

Those are EXACTLY my thoughts! And well Germany was also not a sun and flowers in it's time... But US and Europe managed to help it out. As for Georgians? Heh I thought that the last USSR foreign minister Shevardnadze was the one who contributed in unification of Germany and pulling out Russian army... And now this... How sadly typical of Germany...

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