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Eurosceptism Does Not Win Elections in Britain

Anti-Americanism can only have a small influence on winning elections. Likewise nobody gets elected in Britain by being Eurosceptic, argues Alex Harrowell in A Fistful of Euros and goes back in history, when Tony Blair characterized as a poodle, but not Bush's poodle:
1997 was the election when John Majors campaign ran huge posters of Tony Blair as a poodle on Helmut Kohls knee; and it wasnt a great year for Eurosceptic Tories, was it? Of course there are confounding factors. Euroscepticism in 1997 involved either voting for the proto-UKIP Referendum party or a Conservative party as popular as nuclear waste; probably the issue was buried under the Labour landslide in places. The principle, however, holds; nobody gets elected in Britain by being Eurosceptic. There are no votes in it; in a sense, Euroscepticism is a luxury.
He also points out that a solid majority in Britain "supports EU membership and has done consistently over time. Further, the public does not worry very much about Europe; some 4 per cent according to a recent poll."


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Pat Patterson on :

Then that might explain why the UK immediately had a referendum under the new PM Blair or PM Brown and approved full membership in the EU and later ratified the Mitterand constitution. What that didn't happen? Labour is so confident about ratification, and the Boy King as well, that they don't even need to schedule that two decade old promise to have a referendum. They will just assemble every one in Parliament Square and have a voice vote.

Martin on :

If that is your criteria, then all Europeans are anti-EU. If there were a referendum in Germany, the people would also most definitely vote "No." That's why the German government is not scheduling one.

Pat Patterson on :

I wouldn't characterize EU support in the rest of Europe but maybe I was too sarcastic and obscured my point that Britain hasn't scheduled this vote for the simple reason that the powers to be are afraid it would be rejected. But now the emphasis seems to be to simply adopt treaty provisions by incrementalism rather than by vote.

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