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Conscience Rather Than Profits

Dialog International presents an example of civil courage "that we can all applaud. Johannes Lohmeyer, manager of the Holiday Inn in Dresden (Germany) wrote a letter to the leaders of the neo-Nazi NPD."

The manager conveys his astonishment that the NPD politicians would choose to book rooms at an American hotel. Then he tells them that they are not welcome on his premises. Hat tip to Bernd for pointing it out and to David for the translation on Dialog International.

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Pat Patterson on :

But just imagine the howls of indignation over an American corporation denying rooms to the Greens? Or even worse Green Day?

Zyme on :

Well Pat some groups are preferred in every system ;)

Zyme on :

Btw I always have to smile when reading about "Civil Courage" in this context. I mean what kind of courage does it take to protest against a party with minimal support? I would like to see those "courageous" citizens when the NPD had around 40% of the electorate behind them. Oh wait, then it would of course be courageous to persecute the communists! What a farce.

David on :

Isn't Saxony a NPD stronghold where they have representation in the State assembly? I don't think the support is as "minimal" as you assert.

Zyme on :

Oh my god, they reached almost 10% in Saxonia. That´s still way to go to become a Volkspartei, don´t you agree?

Bernd on :

Which still does not make life comfortable if the members of NPD have identified you as an enemy! They have many thugs that might "greet" you on you way home. I think that is indeed "civil courage".

Badboy Recovered on :

thats pretty funny.

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