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"Sarkozy the American"

An increasing number of US journalists is getting more critical of Chancellor Merkel after nearly two years of love and admiration. Their favorite European statesman is now President Sarkozy of France. I wonder how long this honeymoon will last. How long it will take them to realize that they have put too much hope and expectation into him (as they did with Merkel)?

SuperFrenchie presents a 60 minutes interview with Sarkozy: "Sarko l'Américain" ('Sarko the American'). SuperFrenchie describes the US media as "clueless," but also points out that many CBS viewers did not like the interview either. Interesting to see Sarko's hot temper in the video. Mbast made an interesting comment.


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Don S on :

Do I detect the scent of Sarko-envy on these pages, Joerg? Could be, could be.... Sarko isn't pro-american in the same sense as a Blair or a Aznar. I think he visualizes himself as more of a Reagan or a Thatcher. The 'American' part of Sarko (if it develops) won't be wars in the Middle East but rather French domestic reform. If it happens. We'll see. I thought Chirac might do it but he pipped at the post. Sometimes it takes two tries. In the UK Heath failed before Thatcher succeeded. Merkel? She didn't even try at all. Maybe after re-election? I don't see it......

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