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The Germans: Pacifists or Free-Riders? Or Both?

Have American denazification and reeducation efforts turned Germans into true pacifists? Or are Germans just using their past as an excuse for lack of burden sharing? John Vinocur seems to support the latter thesis. He had thought that Merkel has put an end to it:
A few people, me included, read into this step Merkel's desire to put an end to using Germany's awful World War II history as a false moral refuge from taking sides and putting troops and convictions on the line in the new century.
Vinocur is, however, somewhat disappointed by Merkel and calls her "Ms. Soft Power" in his International Herald Tribune article from September (HT: Don).


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Don S on :

Both. But rather than wax splenetic I'll let friend Joschka carry the argument for me:,-and-no-one-will-help-us.html

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