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I Am Blogging at The Moderate Voice

Moderate Voice The Moderate Voice (TMV) is among the most popular political blogs in the United States. It is certainly the premier voice for centrist positions in the blogosphere. Joe Gandelman, the Editor-In-Chief, has invited me to join TMV as a co-blogger. 

Here's a quote from TMV's mission statement:

A prime guiding principle was that differing ideas don't give people brain cancer, so from the start TMV linked to Democratic, Republican, liberal, conservative and centrist blogs. It also put a special emphasis on linking to blogs written by "independent thinkers" of any (or no) party who sought to discuss issues and promote dialogue rather than hype specific candidates or repeat talk show (of the left and right) talking points.
Since then, TMV has grown into one of the Internet's fastest growing and respected group moderate/centrist sites. And it hopes to grow more in coming years.

I very much like these principles and goals. In fact, the Atlantic Review has also been linking to both sides of the aisle (and not just to both sides of the Atlantic. Some readers don't like it, but I will continue to link to both Davids Medienkritik and Dialog International, for instance. And I try to see both sides of an argument. Okay, enough navel-gazing and bragging. Of course, Atlantic Review continues as usual. I will cross-post a lot. Sometimes I will write a pointer on TMV and link to Atlantic Review or vice versa.

My first post at The Moderate Voice is online: Secretary Gates Is Not "Satisfied" with NATO. It's about Afghanistan, obviously. More specifically: About the NY Sun's wrong point on European policy, about Canada's frustration with the lack of European solidarity, about the "threat" (?) to move US troops from Kosovo to Afghanistan and about US Defense Secretary Gates' politeness. You are invited to translate his diplo speech into plain English. There are quite a few interesting comments from TMV readers. Some of my responses might sound familiar. ;-)

The first link in my TMV post goes to a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty interview with Secretary Gates, which was conducted by Ulrich Speck. I am sure many Atlantic Review readers used read Ulrich's Kosmoblog and might be interested in what he is doing now.

ENDNOTE: The Moderate Voice has a lot of outstanding posts on the devasting California wildfires. Check it out.


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Sue on :

Congratulations and good luck on your new endeavor.

Joerg on :

Thank you, Sue!

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