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An Airbus as the Next Air Force One?

Flight Global: "The Airbus A380 has attracted interest from the US Air Force (USAF) as a cargo freighter and as a large VIP transport in the Air Force One class, says an industry source."

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Pat Patterson on :

It's not to far fetched for the USAF to pick an Airbus but it's also likely that they are using the possibility to light a fire under Lockheed and Boeing for faster delivery and a cheaper contract. The next Marine One is going to be assembled by Lockheed but the contract went to a UK company, AugustaWestland, for the EH101(new designation US101). If the decision is made sometime in the next two years then Boeing may lose out to some form of a consortium that Airbus and EADS will put together with either Lockheed Martin or Grumman Northrop to keep Congress happy. Plus it's also possible that Boeing may not make a serious bid as it doesn't currently have the space or willingness to take on any big new contracts as they attempted in the 90's under the incompetent mangement left over from the purchase of McDonell Douglas.

Don S on :

The Airbus could bevery attractive for certain missions I would think - you can't substitute for size. Weight could be a problem for some of the things a transport has to do; not every airport will be refitted for the A380. But that may be less of a problem than it seems - military airfields may be able to handle the A380 with aplomb. I'm not sure how well it will work as Air Force One. It sould be useful as part of the fleet. They could use it to fly to big airports and for trans-oceantic flights and use a smaller plane to fly into smaller airports. That sucker could hold a lot of aids and journalists!

Bob Bog on :

No, an Airbus would not be good as an Air Force One, because of three reasons. 1. The Boeing 747-8 will be better, more efficient, more comfortable and won't look wrong with the Air Force One paint scheme 2. The Boeing 747-8 will look alot like the current Air Force One 3. Why do we need to replace Air Force One, It is only 15 years old. It would be a waste of taxpayer money.

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