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German Solar House Wins Contest Sponsored by US Department of Energy

The Technical University Darmstadt won the first pize in the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathalon, beating out major US universities, writes Dialog International and quotes the jury:
The Architecture Jury said the house pushed the envelope on all levels and is the type of house they came to the Decathlon hoping to see. The Lighting Jury loved the way this house glows at night. The Engineering Jury gave this team an innovation score that was as high as you could go, and said nobody did the integration of the PV system any better.

Earlier this year, the Atlantic Review post Positive US Media Coverage of Environmentalism in Germany quoted the Rocky Mountain News: "Home importer turns to Europe for quality, speed and energy efficiency, not to mention looks."

RELATED: Anglofritz writes about green technology as well:
Germany sells the most climate friendly technology worldwide, thanks to the pioneering EEG law of the Schröder/Fischer government - now adopted by 47 other nations. It's said that the renewable will overtake the automobile industry in the next decade. And sure enough, the United States is in second position and already a strong competitor.


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SC on :

Well done! Congrats to Darmstadt. I'm well familiar with this competition. My own school has participated for several years now and finished this year in the middle of the pack. Our entries for past years are retained for study and now have formed a small collection on campus. But I must say, the Darmstadt design is quite beautiful, in fact. I've looked at the entries on my campus and wondered if I would enjoy such a house. No doubt in my mind about Darmstadt's entry, though. Anglofritz, makes an important point not well enough understood: There has been for some time a considerable and increasing amount of research being conducted in US universities, and in industry, on what have been labeled "green technologies". With what seems to be the end of the era of cheap oil and natural gas, I'll not be surprised to see more of what's been learned rolled out into the marketplace over the next several years.

Joerg - Atlantic Review on :

Yes, and there is already concern in Germany that the US will soon lead in green technology. And once the US is really on a roll, it is hard to keep up. Thus, Germany needs to invest more, be more creative, create better academic and business environments.

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