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Being a Know-It-All, Wisenheimer, Globenheimer

The excellent German blog  Antibuerokratieteam asks: Who does not know that the moon rotates around the Earth? The stereotypically stupid and obese Americans or the graduates of a highschool in a tough district of Berlin or the French?
Answer is to be found in the first video
here. It gets funnier when the quiz show moderator asks the studio audience. The second video is not for softies.

Stupidity is universal. Fascination with conspiracy theories is as well.

Endnote: I don't know what "Globenheimer" means, but a "German" character in this Simpsons' clip mentioned it and it sounded like an insult. Do you know what it means? "Wisenheimer" means "Besserwisser" in German.


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Anonymous on :

Joerg: It is all onamonapoetic. sure as hell not going to look up that word. German is usually filtered through stereotypes: boorish Sgt. Schulze Bavarian (good guy, but shame hes a nazi), peverted male omnisexual (South Park Scheisse video or Simpsons' character from WWII episode 'hey, you two get a room. macht schnell mit die artwork. Kraftwerk are playing in Duesseldorf.'); crisp, clipped Prussian officer language or Yiddish. Here its Yiddish. Globenheimer not Gloobenheimer. Glob=slob or blob. Heimer just sounds funny. Got it you goy putz

Nomad on :

[url=][/url] I am sure you don't know that one ignorance is the best shared thing in our wonderful worlds

Anonymous on :

[url=][/url] my refering to the simpson, may-be if I had enough time I could find some nice talk shows with a bunch of ignorants across the rhein :lol:

ian on :

Is this site turning into a mirror of David's Medienkritik, or the reverse? Anyway, everything in this post has been seen at his site - with the usual crap attached - over the past few days.

Joerg - Atlantic Review on :

Medienkritik copied it from here. Wait for the next post on conspiracy theories and you will see the clear disagreements with Medienkritik

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