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US Intercept Was a "Key Factor" in Uncovering the Terror Plot in Germany

"A U.S. intelligence intercept of suspicious communications between Pakistan and Stuttgart was the initial break that ultimately led to the arrest this week of three suspected Muslim militants accused of plotting massive car bomb attacks," writes the Los Angeles Times. Similar report in German by the TV news program Tagesschau. Thank you!
I wonder whether this increases support for computer surveillance and for cooperation with the US.

Also: See the twice updated Atlantic Review post Terror Suspects Motivated by Anti-Americanism, incl. the comments section, where our readers discuss whether living on welfare is a cause for terrorism etc...
Another related Atlantic Review post: War on Terror: Germany Debates Computer Spying


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Clarsonimus on :

The CIA knew immediately who to call once "Fritz" got on the line.

Anonymous on :

What about those Anglofritz guys? [url][/url]

Don S on :

"U.S. intelligence intercept" Ooooooh, probably illegal. Perhaps the court ought to let the three go and indict the Americans? ;)

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