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Imminent Threat Against German Airport and Nearby US Base

"German authorities have arrested three suspected Islamic terrorists for allegedly plotting attacks on Frankfurt airport and the nearby US military base in Ramstein," writes the Sydney Morning Herald:

Prosecutors said they had arrested three suspected members of "an Islamic-motivated terrorist organisation,'' but gave no further details. German Defence Minister Franz-Josef Jung told ARD broadcaster the three men were suspected of targeting the airport and base. "There was an imminent threat,'' Jung said, but declined to elaborate.

And more arrests in Denmark, reports The Associated Press:

Danish intelligence agents early Tuesday arrested eight alleged Islamic militants with links to leading al-Qaida figures, and said the suspects were plotting an attack involving explosives.


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Martin on :

Let's wait and see if that was really an "imminent threat." Maybe Jung just wants to get support for the extending the Afghanistan mandates. Why is he making statements? Fighting terrorism in Germany is the job of the Interior Minister (and the regional authorities) and not the job of the Defense Minister.

Don S on :

Hmmm, this seems a little unfair to the authorities. How does one prove there was an 'imminent threat' to the satisfaction of the critics? The only sure method is the one employed on 9/11, 7/7, Bali, and Madrid. We know without doubt there was an imminent threat because a bunch of people were blown up in those cases. Then there were the recent attempted bombings in Haymarket London and the Glasgow airport. They didn't kill many people but might be described as 'imminent' I should think. Absent that there is no conclusive proof, only apparent intent. Perhaps it was all an elaborate joke? Could be, how does one know for sure? Perhaps the authorities ought to wait until the actual attempt is made, martin?

Zyme on :

If the government had wanted the maximum support for the war on terror, they would not have interefered. But even while we got off lightly, I expect the interior ministry to propose additional emergency laws, which are first limited to a few years (very important!) and then enacted forever since they proved their worth ;) "Why is he making statements? Fighting terrorism in Germany is the job of the Interior Minister (and the regional authorities) and not the job of the Defense Minister." I guess it no longer is that way. What did our chancellor announce a few weeks ago? "The old seperation of interior and exterior security is outdated",1185,OID7040132,00.html Personally I strongly reject the constant cutting of the ordinary citizenīs rights. This is not going to increase public support for the government. Instead, the sentences against convicted plotters should be tightened so that the people can see that terrorists donīt get off lightly either. It would be very interesting to hold a poll asking the people whether they want successful terrorists to live. Such a policy would of course be populistic. But you have to take the public mood into account if you donīt want to lose the peopleīs approval in times of emergency.

Anonymous on :

"then enacted forever since they proved their worth ;)" We had tough laws in the 70s because of the RAF terrorism, but then some of those laws were abolished in the late 80s and early 90s. We are flexible und das ist auch gut so.

Don S on :

This is the perfect excuse for another Paul McCartney song - "He left through the Bathroom Window", I think.

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