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"The Isolation of America"

Spiegel International: "German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday proposed the idea of basing a nation's carbon emissions allowance on population size. German commentators on Friday say it's another step on the path towards isolating the USA."


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Sue on :

OK, then I guess the German car manufacturers can make up for lost North American markets by selling their products in China and India. Airbus too; maybe the domestic airline industry in these countries will be as large as the US's.

grayp on :

I have news for Angie. The U.S. will not be 'playing along'. I have visions of how the EU would manage this on their side of the pond. A per capita measure? Ok, lets tax everyone based on the emisssions we're allowed - furthering the demographic decline.

Reid of America on :

Yes, the Europeans have us isolated. The Europeans insist the US signs a document that they have signed but have not adhered to. Germany is a global warming hypocryte nation while the US is not. Global warming alarmism will have the same fate as the overpopulation and resource depletion alarmism of the 1960's and 1970's. The science has already collapsed but the political investment is too great to let a little thing like falsified hypothesis to get in the way.

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