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Merkel is the World's Most Powerful Woman, but What About Gender Equality?

The BBC has the list of the top ten most powerful women according to Forbes Magazine. What I find interesting is that there are so many Asian women at the top. Emancipation is certainly not a Western thing. (Via Erkan's Field Diary)

A German expat living in the United States had a closer look at the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women and noticed: "Depressingly, Angela Merkel is the only German woman in that ranking. There are eight women from China, four from France, three from the Netherlands, seven from the UK, and fifty from the US."

I think there are plenty of studies that show that more women rise to the top in business, academic and political careers in the United States than in Germany. As usual, Scandinavia is at the top.


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David on :

I think Forbes made a mistake in not including Ursula von der Leyen among the top 100. But in general it is striking how few women make it into the executive suite at German companies.

Zyme on :

After four years of studying at university, I still have only met very few women that prefer pursuing a career in contrast to founding a family. This despite the fact that most I know study law or economy-related subjects. They want to have a good job most prefereable in a big company - best choice is the state as the biggest company :), so that they can easily stop working for years after they beared children without losing their jobs. While they are off track in their careers, the men at their age continue to advance and that´s how the difference develops. So when women don´t want to do without children, there doesn´t seem to be a way to avoid these differences. Compared to the generation of our parents I would also say that more women want to have children today, so maybe the differences will increase again in the coming decades. In case conscription is abolished, another disadvantage for men will vanish - which will further "worsen" the situation for women.

Don S on :

In the only German organisation I have any knowledge of the most striking thing was the composition of the management team, which was 100% German caucasian male. There were German women in professional staff jobs. No Turks except at the bottom. If a society doesn't use all of it's talented people regardless of sex, skin hue, or religion I can't see a lot of hope for it....

Zyme on :

Maybe the motto is: Never change a running system. :)

Merkel-2 on :

As the grand coalition's chancellor, Merkel's position is not steady. She need to consult with its SPD partner. But she also need to distinct herself from SPD's policy. Her partner (SPD) is the biggest rival for her next term. Merkel cautiously play the balance game , from one hand she chanllenge SPD's traditional policy, on the other hand she entwine some kind of peaceful and solidaric atmosphere. She can do little to improve German's productivity. Because that 's full of interests collision, no consensus can be eaily reached there. So Merkel select some area which will enhance her charm and will not result in negative response. for example. The problem of climate change and human rights was raised on different occasion. Merkel play the role of pioneer in anti climate-change activity. she got what she want -" good reputation and widely support ",but what the public got in return.When people found Merkel only pay lip service and avoid implementing strict codes to reduce German's green house gas emission.That's why German foreign minister call his boss's policy is "show window policy". Merkel is powerful in appearrance but weak inside. Another pathetic woman she is . Ha ha .. Hey,Hitler, Hey, her highness Merkel!!!

peoplepowergranny on :

People Power Granny says that women are really the more powerful of the two genders, and it is time that we seize that power for the betterment of humankind. Check out my blog recently of the same name and see why I think the way I do. Readers can also vote in my poll. Women Rule!

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