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"Anti-Americanism is becoming entrenched, and getting more personal"

According to The Economist, the five PEW Global Attitudes surveys since 2000 "provide strong evidence that anti-Americanism is more than a blip associated with Mr Bush or Iraq". The PEW polls, which The Economist calls "the gold standard of international opinion surveys", indicate that resentment is not limited any longer to the US president or the United States as a country. Rather the positive image of the American people has declined considerably in 9 of the 12 countries that have been surveyed since 2002, including Great Britain, Poland, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey. While 70% of Germans had a positive view of Americans in 2002, it is only 65% according to the latest PEW survey. Three out of four Germans consider Americans as "inventive", but about half say Americans are "violent" and "greedy."

"Favorability ratings of the U.S. have risen slightly in Germany to 41% (up from 38% in 2004), but remain lower than in 2003 (45%) and considerably lower than in 2002 (61%). 60% of Americans now have a favorable view of Germany, up from 50% last year. But this remains far below the 83% favorable rating in February 2002." Germany received better favorability ratings than the United States, France, Japan and China in this poll, which was conducted in 16 nations. The US was even less popular than China. Amnesty International's China reports seem to be little known.


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Shah Alexander on :

I saw this survey. But is this valid? In some countries, China is rated too favorably. This country is notorious for human rights oppression, growing military threat to the world, ethno-centricism, and anti-Japan vandalism. The real favorability rate for China should be much lower. Transatlantic relationship is one of my primary interests. I will stop by this blog. I have posted some articles about Europe. I shall appreciate your comment to them on my blog site. I would like to write a review of this blog. I have to see more articles on this blog. I hope this will be of some help to draw more web surfers' attention to this blog.

Joe N. on :

The applicability of an "image" of a people, more accurately called a stereotype, is basically entertaining but meaningless.

Shah Alexander on :

I am talking about the validity of research method. Statistical data can change, depending on how researchers put questions to examinees. In any case, China has bad reputations, and cannot be rated higher than America. It is necessary to check the research method, and we should not trust the data blindly.

Youngfox on :

USA: New Amnesty International report on USA’s "war on terror" detentions excerpt: "A year after the Abu Ghraib torture scandal broke, the conditions remain in place for torture and ill-treatment in US custody to occur. While the US government is pursuing a public relations exercise to persuade the world that what the Abu Ghraib photographs revealed was a small problem that has now been fixed, thousands of detainees in US custody in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo Bay, and secret locations elsewhere remain at risk of torture or ill-treatment. This is because of the USA’s continuing pick and choose approach to international law and standards, and the systematic use of incommunicado detention and denial of judicial review, a basic safeguard against arbitrary detention, torture and "disappearance"."

Martin on :

@ Youngfox There might be more pictures being published soon: "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Congress last year, after viewing a large cache of unreleased images: "I mean, I looked at them last night, and they're hard to believe.” They show acts "that can only be described as blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhumane," he added. A Republican Senator suggested the same day they contained scenes of “rape and murder.” No wonder Rumsfeld commented then, "If these are released to the public, obviously it's going to make matters worse." Yesterday, news emerged that lawyers for the Pentagon had refused to cooperate with a federal judge's order to release dozens of unseen photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by Saturday. The photos were among thousands turned over by the key “whistleblower” in the scandal, Specialist Joseph M. Darby. Just a few that were released to the press sparked the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal last year, and the video images are said to be even more shocking. " To read the full article, copy and paste this URL:

Freedom Now on :

Well it a little less than a year after Martin's comment and the Abu Ghraib pictures were released a long time ago. They were just more of the same. Pictures of some jailors getting their jollies by humiliating their prisoners. Also, there have been many convictions of those who were responsible with sentences up to 10 years in prison. Nice scare tactics Martin. Would you or your leftist friends like to blow some more smoke? What happened to the draft? That hasnt happened. What happened to the invasion of Syria? That never happened. What happened to all of our rights that the Patriot was supposed to have taken? That never happened either. Time is the worst enemy of misinformation.

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