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The End of Obamania in Germany?

Barack Obama's threat to attack Pakistan raises red flags in Germany, writes Ulf Gartzke in The Weekly Standard. He points out that the FAZ paper reminds its German readers:
The world that is now keenly looking forward to the end of President Bush’s administration will find out that-- if a Democrat succeeds him--there are certain continuities across U.S. party lines. Unilateralism is not Bush’s invention.
Ulf Gartzke opines: 
In Germany, a country where Bush’s personal approval ratings have long been in the single digits and where the Democrats are widely seen as the forces of good (back in 2004, polls indicated a German preference for John Kerry by a margin of 85-90 percent), a more differentiated assessment of U.S. politics is certainly welcome news.
Related: Another example of similar positions of liberals (or Wilsonians) and neoconservatives: Ivo Daalder and Robert Kagan write about "The Next Intervention" in the Washington Post.

Atlantic Review post about Obamamania in Germany: German Paper: "America Remains Model to Emulate".


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Don on :

Hmmm.... Perhaps I had better consider voting for him after all?

Zyme on :

"The world that is now keenly looking forward to the end of President Bush’s administration will find out that-- if a Democrat succeeds him--there are certain continuities across U.S. party lines." I think the population in Germany is groomed for exactly that point already. Whenever the Bush-Agenda prevails among the american lawmakers although the democrats gained the majority in both houses, our media add the following: "The law has been passed DESPITE the majority of the democrats". Continued long enough this will cause the people to shake their heads in disbelief for a few times and then it will be common knowledge that they are all the same.

Pat Patterson on :

Maybe under Sen. Clinton or Gov. Richardson the US might act in such a manner but it's doubtful that Sen. Obama would ever send more than a strongly worded note. This is the silly season, which grinds on much too slowly, of American politics. The Senator has already promised to overturn two of America's policy tenets, negotiate directly with tyrants(when it doesn't really have to) and promising not to use nuclear weapons if attacked. Why not act tough and promise to invade an ally? Next he'll be steadfast in favor of apple pie, provided it is fair trade and organic.

Don S on :

Well, yes, Pat. But any candidate who manages to piss off a bunch of Germans may have other virtues as well....

David on :

Senator Obama clarified his remarks on Pakistan today in Iowa. You can see his response at [url=]Politico[/url]. I volunteer for the Obama campaign, and my guess is that he will surprise his detractors. One of the more gratifying aspects for me has been to watch how Barack Obama has inspired many people to get involved in the democratic process for the first time - esp. young people (like Rudy Giuliani's daughter).

Pat Patterson on :

Sen. Obama said on Aug 1, "If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will." And his defense in Iowa basically said that if Pakistan is not doing enough to act on this "actionable intelligence" then the US would indeed strike into Pakistan and cut off funds to the Pakistani military. Where the heck was the clarification? But it is interesting to hear Sen. Obama gingerly try out hawkish Democratic positions that have been abandonded since the death of Sen. Henry Jackson. Actually I see a certain consistency, Sen. Obama wil unilaterally pull troops out of one of our ally's territory and unilaterally put them into another of our ally's territory. Plus I love when politcos hear and then get to use really cool words and phrases, like "...actionable intelligence" which I have to assume in Demspeak means it's really, really reliable unlike those lying Republicans when they talked about "...actionable intelligence."

Quo Vadis on :

Obama has had an advantage so far in that he has little exposure at the national level so everybody, including apparently, some Germans, has turned him into whatever they want in the next president. It's to the point now that many will attribute anything he says that they don't like to the need to appease The Rednecks. If he's going to be successful at the national level, he will have to be somewhere between Bush and Bill Clinton ideologically. On a scale which included Schroder and Chriac that would be a narrow span far to one end.

Pat Patterson on :

Judging from some of comments of the sheikhs in Islamabad for a loya girga I would say that Obamania might have peaked in Pakistan as well.

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