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Germany's vocal US supporters blog against the German media bias

Einer unserer Leser empfiehlt "einen interessanten Beitrag in Die Welt, der die im Internet organisierte pro-amerikanische Minderheit in Deutschland vorstellt":

Im elektronischen Untergrund rumort ein liberales Paralleluniversum, das sich von der deutschen Mehrheitsmeinung verabschiedet hat.

(…) Im Internet hat sich eine regelrechte Subkultur aus sogenannten Weblogs herausgebildet, aus Tagebüchern, die online geführt werden: mit wütender Kritik an den herrschenden Medien, bissig-geistreichen Kommentaren zur Weltlage, Links auf interessante Artikel, Informationen, die anderswo nicht (oder nur schwer) zu bekommen sind.

(…) Daß die Proamerikaner eine Gegenöffentlichkeit bilden, spürt jeder User auf den ersten Klick. Die Blogger sind nämlich vor allem damit beschäftigt, Medienberichte zu zerpflücken. Das Weblog "nobloodforsauerkraut" etwa bietet eine eigene Rubrik, die "Spiegel-Watch" heißt und sich geradezu liebevoll einem bekannten Hamburger Nachrichtenmagazin widmet.

The most popular of these blogs Davids Medienkritik organizes a "Demonstration against Anti-American Bias in German Media and Politics and for German-American Friendship and Cooperation" when Chancellor Schroeder visits Washington D.C. on June 27.



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Klaus Hofmann on :

I am truly shocked by what I found when scanning through the two referenced web sites for about ten minutes each! The opinions expressed and conveyed there are as far from the Fulbright spirit as you can be. I honestly hope that in the future the Atlantic review does a more thorough and considerate screening of the content and possible bias of any contributions they receive for publication.

Timo Byle on :

Dear Klaus, I suggest you spend a little more time "scanning through" those two blogs before you make up your mind on both of these blogs. Both blogs are, IMHO, in the very best of the Fulbright spirit as they address the media bias of the German mainstream media (msm) outlets towards the U.S. By that, they help to foster better understanding of another country. In making a case for a more balanced picture of US politics, both blogs try to empower people with more and balanced information on the U.S. Currently, German msm draws a one-sided picture of the US and its politics. Often, such "reporting" is nothing more than spin and way below of what a journalist learns at jounalism school. In particular, there is no clear cut line drawn between news and comments. You may not like the policies of the current US president but you, as a citizen, should demand from newspapers and the like that they adhere to the basic journalistic principles when reporting on foreign issues as they usually do when reporting on domestic issues.

Martina Bennemann on :

Too bad that the digest introduces this article as one that "die im Internet organisierte pro-amerikanische Minderheit in Deutschland vorstellt"--which alleges that a) those bloggers are pro-American, and b) the rest of us is (rather) not. Both a & b do help to disseminate the prejudice of what "American" (supposedly) really is--i.e. a onesided mentality of Bush supporters. Though I found the article as such quite interesting (esp. the numbers of readers that these blogs seem to have), it seems quite unfortunate to me how the Digest/ American Review has dealt with it.

Reinhard on :

It's amazing how much time and energy those blog people spend shielding the USA against the German media and politicians, as if the United States were a small and fragile country being under constant thread of being smashed by powerful, evil Germany.

Joe N. on :

Reinhard, I think you have a populist view which is completely off the mark. Nations are not kids on a schoolyard. Life is more complex than that. Especially when there are serious geopolitical matters at hand which to the US' future are not 'optional' matters of interest. The balanced presentation of opinions on the US in the German media, (basically personal "feelings" that people have of the US) are entirely unbalanced and in large part resemble the hate speech which would normally put someone in a court for libel.

Thomas on :

The German media bias is one explanation why Germans consider China more favorably than the US according to the opinion poll you mentioned on Thursday June 23rd. (I like your website by the way.) China is undemocratic, has no press freedom, violates human rights on a massive scale daily, executes thousands of people without due process of law, has occupied Tibet for decades, supports the North Korean mass murders, threatens war to Taiwan, supports the Sudanese regime, which is responsible for the Genocide in Darfur etc.

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