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Germans Honoring Americans

• Finally, Berlin has a Frank Zappa Street: Observing Hermann.

• Landstuhl Regional Medical Center News and Stories: A German-American Friendship Bracelet.
Related Atlantic Review post: Volunteers Support US Soldiers at Landstuhl Military Hospital


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Anonymous on :

Hey Joerg: Aufmkolk does not sound like a native Rhenish name? More Czech than anything, if you ask me. Any basis to that or is it pure speculation that our friend in need was once in dire need herself?

Don S on :

EVERY city needs a Frank Zppa street. Or rather a street honoring the principles by which Frank Zappa lived his life - anarchic crazy madness. Pick your favorite local nutter - and name a main street after him!

Anonymous on :

I didnt mean to imply that Ms. Aufmkolk was not German, but an ethnic German from the Suedetenland and her concern might partially derive from the fact that she would not have been ethnically cleansed had Ike not told Patton to retreat. Patton would never have stood for that Benes foolishness...

Willie on :

Hi Aufmkolk is a Dutch name. The family settled over from Holland to Germany for a lot of years. Willie

Anonymous on :

Thanks Willie.

Mr. Bingley on :

I'd love to have a Zappa Street near me. Sadly, I live in the same town as Jon Bon Jovi...although "Bon Jovi Boulevard" does sound like a nice place for a Sunday stroll!

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