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James Bond vs. Jason Bourne

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, actor and director of the Jason Bourne movie, have criticized James Bond as an imperialist, who likes violence and has no guilt. Scottish journalist Alex Massie cannot leave such serious insults of Britain's super agent unanswered. Interesting transatlantic pop culture "fight" in The Debatable Land.

Personal question: Why are the initials J.B. so popular for (former) special agents who are loners? Jack Bauer, James Bond, Jason Bourne...


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Pat Patterson on :

You forgot that other famous American spy, Jim Beam!

GM Roper on :

Damn, you beat me to it. So, I'll pour us both a cyber-shot and offer a toast! L'Chayim! Mr. Patterson, L'Chayim!

Yojo Detaki on :

Jason Bourne and James Bond in a VS Situation hmmmm. Sorry Bond but Bourne has you beat. bourne is trained to kill with fighting skill that are imparetable no one can beat him. Bond relies on gagets and weaponds. Mussle over brain

Quincy on :

Thing is, real spies are always trying to be as nondescript as possible to stay hidden. You can say spies are always trying to be the guy with the initials J.B.. Joe Blo, that is. :-D

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