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French Pro-Americanism

"Whenever a French person does something anti-American, we hear about it. But when 2500 French do something pro-American..." writes someone on Digg and links to a project on Omaha Beach on July 4, 2007:
The crowd formed on the sand the letters of the phrase: “FRANCE WILL NEVER FORGET”, aimed at honoring the fallen American heroes who scarified their lives to liberate France at the end of WW II.
RELATED: David Frum of the National Review noticed that tobacconists in France sell firecrackers. That's why he does not take European "complains" about the American gun lobby seriously.
Debatable Land asks whether Frum is joking. I can't answer that question. I am German and don't have a sense of humor.


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Pat Patterson on :

I think the phrase should be "I am German and I don't need a sense of humor." Or "I am German and it is not permitted on Wednesday to have a sense of humor." And so on...

Volker on :

Nah, that would be funny, we are logical not funny.

Don S on :

I thonk you are wrong, Pat. The rule in Germany is that one is permitted to have a sense of humor during specific festival times - and only during such a period. And perhaps during the World Cup. 50 weeks of the years the sense of humor is verboten.... ;)

Don S on :

That Fench thing was very touching. It would be even more touching if the operation did not appear to be headquartered in Hoboken, NJ - which gives it the appearance of being an effort by french expats living in the US. I visited the beaches, cemetaries, and museums in Normandy in 2002, and saw no signs of disrespect. I am told that the residents of that part of Normandie are more appreciative of the US than other french people - that may be so. One thing I also saw is that the museum at Caen which apparently once was dedicated to the Normandy battles is now much more of a 'peace museum'. There was much about Charles DeGaulle and the French Resistance - very little about the Normandy campaign. french political correctness circa 2000?

Greg on :

I once met a friend's mother - she was 10 years old when GI's liberated her village in Normandy. She kissed and hugged me like I had done something. Definitely choked me up. I don't think younger generations have this view of America, even if they like Americans in general.

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