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EU Shows European Sex on Youtube

The European Commission presents itself on Youtube as EUtube. Nearly two million users have watched a short clip with sex-scenes from EU-funded movies in the last three weeks. So, the EU considers these sex scenes as justification and advertisement for its funding of the European cinema...? WTF?
Apparently Germans watch the wrong movies: 25% of Germans do not know the capital of the United States, writes Spiegel (in German) about an Emnid poll. [HT: David]

UPDATE: Check out Prof. Marcos Ancelovici's related blog post: Eroticizing the European Union.


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Zyme on :

Omg who prudish you are! Now almost 2.5 million viewers have seen the clip - and it is just a cut of several "love scenes" of popular european movies of the recent years. I think this is a good propaganda coup. They should intensify it to improve the image of the EU. Now that "EU Tube" has been established, you can guess that they will :)

Zyme on :

Not "who prudish" but "how prudish" ;)

JW-Atlantic Review on :

"Now almost 2.5 million viewers" Wow, Atlantic Review must have a lot of readers, giving them another boost. "I think this is a good propaganda coup." Maybe the EU image will improve. I am not sure. Perhaps Europeans get horny now and our demographic problems will be solved in nine months ;-) All thanks to Youtube, the great American invention. Hey, one of the founders was German and enjoys the American Dream: [url][/url]

Zyme on :

"Wow, Atlantic Review must have a lot of readers, giving them another boost." *rofl* :) Of course EU image will improve, it will make it look more human and less technocratic. It is not about promoting the image in other areas with rather backward moral ideals.

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