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WSJ Recommends Books about Germany

The Wall Street Journal lets Harvard Professor Steven Ozment list five books that "excel in their portraits of Germany and the German people." Via Clive Davis.
I have not read any of these books, thus I can't comment on them. Question to readers: How much can history books (like those recommended by the WSJ) help to understand
today's Germany and the Germans?


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David on :

Those are excellent choices by Professor Ozment. I personally would add Fritz Stern's classic "Gold and Iron: Bismarck, Bleichroeder and Building of the German Empire". And, for understanding modern Germany (and Europe in General), Tony Judt's "Postwar".

bob on :

Herwig Wolfram's book is great, as well as die Entstehung Oesterreichs something-something-something. The one caveat is that he has an over-patronizing, cosmopolitan tone that some people find an objectionable trait in the Viennese. Clark's book on Prussia is not bad. Off the cuff, does anyone know of a good book about Saxony, say 1618 to 1945?

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