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Increased Terror Threat: Germans in Pakistani Terror Camps

ABC News:
German authorities called for increased vigilance on Friday against possible terror attacks, saying the kind of threat detected before the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States had resurfaced. Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said the threat was "serious" and that suicide attacks were possible on German soil. (...)
German state broadcaster ZDF reported earlier the government had evidence 10 to 12 people from Germany had joined militant training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Three of them, including two people considered dangerous, were arrested in Pakistan as they attempted to travel back to Germany, ZDF said, without identifying the source of its information or giving more details. "We have indications that people who have lived in Germany and who have roots in Germany -- some of whom hold German citizenship -- are in Pakistan spending time at training camps," Hanning said.
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Anonymous on :

The Bundestag is due to vote about an extension of the Afghanistan mandate in September. German media speculates that Al Qaeda wants to influence that decision. There is hardly any support among the German people for the Afghanistan mission right now, because we don't see the point of patrolling thousands of miles away. If we had any say, then Germany would pull out of Afghanistan immediately. BUT: If Al Qaeda strikes big time (like 9/11 or Madrid) in Germany, then Germany will increase its commitments in Afghanistan rather than pulling out. There will be a backlash. Germany is not Spain. Thus, a big attack is not in Al Qaeda's interest. The only problem is that Al Qaeda might not follow this logic, but is driven by revenge.

Zyme on :

Yeah I agree. The hardliners dominate our security efforts in politics. They will only be confirmed by a serious terrorist attack - the population will be excited to see the government´s response and literally wait for it.

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