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Europhobic Wash Times Editorial about the "EUSSR"

The Washington Times let Paul Belien write the editorial "The 'EUSSR'" about the EU Summit:
Liberty and democracy require limited governments, while supranationalism by definition tends toward unlimitedness. The former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky refers to the EU as the "EUSSR." He does so, he explains, because the former USSR and the EU share the same goal: the obliteration of nations. "The European Union, like the Soviet Union, cannot be democratized," he says. If the EU becomes a genuine state itis bound to be an evil empire, because there is no European nation.
Belien concludes: "By seeking to extinguish national loyalty, the EU also destroys freedom, accountability and democracy."


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Zyme on :

While I agree that the EU ressembles an Empire far more than it does ressemble a nation, I find it pretty ridiculous to call it "evil". What´s so evil in uniting a continent so that we can all speak with one voice and defend our interests together? Of course its long term meaning is about "obliterating" borders in Europe, and governing that modern Empire from a central capital in Brussels. But this one is not about spreading ideas of fighting certain groups in our societies like in the communist era. It is about moving all those great nations together. Since the rest of the world isn´t waiting for us, we have to speed things up and cannot always be considerate of "brakesmen" like Poland or Britain. Merkel has performed greatly especially towards Poland in Brussels. With admireable patience she tried to offer them more than would have been justified. But among her diplomatic tools she did not forget to carry a big stick in case they become too insolent. The polish example proved perfectly why we needed a new fundament for the EU - from 2014 on, such outrageous veto-threats won´t show up anymore.

stuppo on :

History has shown that no european national state is strong enough to stand alone, may it be in war or in a globalized economy. That's what the EU is about. And you don't need a nation to build a state, if that's really the goal anyway. This EUSSR thing is pretty farfetched.

Fuchur on :

[i]the former USSR and the EU share the same goal: the obliteration of nations[/i] Wow, that's a real killer argument! Let me add a few comparisons of my own. How about: The Third REUch - because the Nazis also wanted to unify Europe. Or: - Bush=Hitler, because they both like(d) dogs - Ayatollah Khomeini = Bush, because they both wanted to get rid of Saddam - President Köhler = Hitler, because they both end on "-ler" Or how about "The HogWash Times", because they print such incredible nonsense...

littleandy on :

As far as I remember, there has been a very successful union of several states in the past. Of course they struggled with the big government, they feared the loss of sovereignty, they even fought against each other. Now it's the largest democracy of the world. You know what I'm talking about? "If the EU becomes a genuine state itis bound to be an evil empire, because there is no European nation." "If the USA becomes a genuine state it is bound to be an evil empire, because there is no American nation."

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