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US-Iran: War or Negotiations?

For the first time in nearly five years a senior American official (Christopher R. Hill) traveled to Pyongyang on June 21, 2007, reports the New York Times:
The United States’ chief nuclear negotiator began a surprise two-day visit to North Korea today, saying he wanted to speed up six-nation talks aimed at dismantling North Korea’s nuclear program.
Since US-Iranian tensions are increasing and it is said "you make peace with your enemies and not with your friends," the US and Iran should consider direct negotiations that are not limited to the Iraq issue. Negotiations are not a sign of weakness. Nobody is criticizing the US for negotiating with the other member of the axis of evil, although North Korea has violated all kinds of agreements, is on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism and runs the world's biggest Gulag. How much more evil can you get? Oh, of course, I forgot the importance of humiliation in international politics. Because of the Tehran hostage crisis in 1979, the US can only talk to Tehran about Iraq, but not about the proliferation issue.... North Korea has not taken US hostages; they only kidnapped some Japanese.

The possibility of a US-Iran war is often debated in the comments section on Atlantic Review. Yesterday, Reid of America wrote among other things:
You may not like Bush but he is a man of his word and he has said he will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. The die has been cast. Either Iran backs down or there will be war.
One regular reader going by the pseudonym "pen Name" and claiming to be from Iran responded to several statements by Reid:
We call you the Great Satan and you call us the Axis of Evil so that is tit for tat; business as usual. In regards to the "Death to America" etc. you killed Democracy in Iran to rape our oil resources; what do you expect?
Furthermore, you supported Saddam Hussein to the hilt in his war of agression against us from 1980 to 1988, you want us to love you?
In regards to Lebanon, it is you who do not respect her independence; you aided and abetted Israel's rape of Lebanon - we only came in afterwards to help the Shia of South Lebanon - the people with whom we have had an enduring relationship for the last 500 years.
As for Iraq, we will not permit that country be used as a basis of operations against us ever again. And who the hell are you to preach to us about respect for independent nations: You raped Serbia, mined the harbours of Nicaragua, intervened in El Salvador, overthrew the Governments of Dominican Republic, Chile, Guatemala, etc.
You cannot neutralize us; power is local and you aerial war will not accomplish your stated aims. And you will suffer pain and harm. You are not invincible. But since you want war, you will get it.
US-Iranian tensions are increasing. Opportunities and time for a diplomatic solution are diminishing, but from a Political Science Theory perspective it is unlikely that the US will start a war with Iran, writes Peter Howard.


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pen Name on :

Humiliation is irrelevant since it works both ways - Iranian were never at war with US, North Korea was. Iranians did not shoot US wounded in ambulances - North Koreans did. US poliy was predicated on the assumption that they (US) will be back in Iran some day; i.e. that Iran will become - once again - a Western oriented state. That will never happen again - it is over and done with. The problems and issues between Iran and US are so deep and convoluted that it will take years of negogiations between their full resolution. It requires methodical and careful preparations on both sides. I do not think that US under Bush is prepared for this - I think they are still thinking that Iran will somehow surrender. pen Name

Reid of America on :

Joerg Wolf asks the question "War or negotiations". Negotiations have been ongoing for years by the Europeans. The proper question would be war or more negotiations that the Iranians insist will fail. It takes two to make peace. When both parties are unalterably committed to each others regime destruction negotiations are a waste of time.

pen Name on :

We are not at war with US nor are seeking a war with her. It is you who are not staying within your own borders, going around the world telling other people how to live. You are trying to take war to a people who live 10,000 miles away from you, a people who are not a threat to you, to your way of life because you like war - you think you can always win with no costs - it is just a game for you. As for negogiations: if their aim is to set the terms of surrender of Iran that is not going to be effective. If you want to come to a mutual understanding, that is possible. Have u not had enough of your fantasy projects in Vietnam and in Iraq? The world certainly has had enough. Earth to America: "come in America!"

Reid of America on :

The US has interests in the Gulf. The entire developed world is depending on the US to keep the oil flowing and contain the Khomeinist regime international Islamic jihad. The US destroying Iran's nuclear program would be a great blessing for the Iranian people. If Iran acquires a nuclear bomb and attacks Israel with it the retaliation will be the worst disaster in 3,000 years of Persian history. The Khomeinists are playing with fire and they will get burned. Better to have a small war now than have Tehran and other Iranian cities destroyed in a nuclear retaliation. Jihadists with nuclear weapons is too dangerous a situation to allow to happen.

pen Nmae on :

Come and get it - you seek death and by Allah you wil get it.

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