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Security Measures at the G8 Summit

Apparently the US Secret Service does not trust German security agencies. EUX:
Sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that US security men tested German security by trying to smuggle C4 plastic explosive past a checkpoint at Heiligendamm. German surveillance machinery detected the tiny stash in a suitcase in a car and the Americans in plainclothes then identified themselves. German police declined comment.
This is great material for conspiracy theories. The German press pretty much ignored it, but it is at Digg: "Had the American agents succeeded and set those explosives off, would the attack have been blamed on Iran?" One of the very few German media reports at sz-online stresses that it was a very small amount of C4, i.e. not enough for an attack. 

Is Germany soft on security? Check out this video of the Bundeswehr chasing Greenpeace. Funny water ballet music, but also a bit excessively brutal towards the end. Fortunately, nobody got injured. Kudos for that. I wonder what the US rules of engagement would have been. Would the US agents have shot at Greenpeace? After all, it could have been Al Qaeda using a Greenpeace flag?


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