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Freezer and Prostitutes: US and German Lawmakers Accused of Taking Bribes

Was the Atlantic Review too critical of conservatives lately? Not enough criticism of the left? Okay, here is something about corruption charges against a German Social Democrat and a US Democrat, who both made news in recent months and again this week: From International Herald Tribune:
A German lawmaker scheduled to go on trial in June resigned from Parliament on Tuesday and confessed to making false statements in connection with a corruption scandal at automaker Volkswagen AG. (...) [The state court in Braunschweig] said that six prostitutes were being summoned to testify as witnesses. Prosecutors have said the charges of accessory to breach of trust relate to Uhl's alleged participation in events in Barcelona and Seoul in 2001 "during the course of which the services of prostitutes allegedly were called upon."
The Economist:
Mr Jefferson is accused of straightforward corruption to enrich himself and his family. Prosecutors say he accepted nearly $500,000 in bribes in return for helping with business deals in Africa. He is also alleged to have offered a bribe to a top Nigerian politician. He denies the charges, but he was secretly recorded apparently discussing bribes, and the FBI found $90,000 in cash hidden in his freezer in 2005. The case embarrasses the Democrats, who recaptured Congress last year vowing to end the Republican “culture of corruption”.
Freezers and prostitutes... Usually, this would sound like a bad movie plot...


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Pat Patterson on :

Or next week a German-American politician could be caught with a freezerful of prostitutes!

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