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Germany's Most Important Trading Partners in 2006

Germany's Federal Statistical Office:
The most important countries of destination for German exports in 2006 – as in the previous year – were France, the United States and Great Britain. German commodity exports to France had a value of EUR 86.1 billion (share of 9.6% in total German exports), those to the United States EUR 78.0 billion (8.7%) and those to Great Britain EUR 65.3 billion (7.3%).
Germany is not just exporting a lot of goods, but also a lot of its citizens: In 2006 the largest emigration wave out of Germany took place since 1954. Switzerland, the United States, Austria and Great Britain are the most popular destinations. So far I have only found German language articles about the latest statistics: Financial Times  Deutschland and Statistisches Bundesamt


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Pat Patterson on :

But this is actually not statistically relevant at all. In 1955 the population of Germany was 68 million (everything is rounded up or down) and the total emigration was 144,000, slightly over 2%. The current figure which seems to have caused some chest beating, 154,000, is actually less than 2% of the current population of 84 million. What is worrisome is that this figure is projected to be over 170,000 this year and the population will continue its, albeit tiny decline, since 2002. Eventually what happens is that the worker to retiree ratio becomes inadequate(6.9 to 1 in 1955 and 4.4 as of 2005). The UN has some figures; [url][/url] While this article seems to argue that the brain drain is overblown even though the number of visas given to college educated Germans has gone from 29,000 in 1990 to 49,000 in 2000. I think there argument is that many of these remain German, small consolation if they are working and paying taxes in the US and that Germany should be able to hold onto more of them as the economy heats up and the unemployment rate in Western Germany continues to decline. [url][/url]

JW-Atlantic Review on :

You are right. Percentage numbers are more important. To give a positive spin on the emigration numbers: Perhaps the increase in emigration is a sign that Globalization is working and that more and more Germans are able to work around the world. Their skills are appreciated in the US and other places. Maybe many of these Germans just want to get some international experience, learn from colleagues abroad and then they will return to Germany. I read the other day, that quite a few Indians, who moved to the US for computer jobs in the last two decades, are now returning to India. I have heard that many Germans, who emigrate to the US, want to do so for good, but I also heard that many Germans return after a few years. See Pat's migration link. Moreover, does anybody know how many Americans have moved abroad last year? Maybe other Western nations besides Germany are increasingly migrating as well in this day and age of globalization? Okay, as I said, I was putting a positive spin on the emigration numbers. Anyway, I think those numbers are not the end of the world, but should increase concern about people's faith in our economy.

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