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Atlantic Review in May

Earlier this month, the Atlantic Review wrote about these issues:

A Socio-Physical Look at Transatlantic Relations:
Europeans are taller than Americans
Berliners are faster than New Yorkers
Germans are as fat as Americans

"Germany Rediscovers the US as a Partner"
Those Evil Anti-Semitic Germans
Minimum Wage in Germany and the United States
Germany has Europe's most Dirty Power Plants

Anti-Europeanism and Anti-Americanism:
America Has Become "Politically Radioactive"
International Conference about the Collapse of Europe
The Collapse of Western Civilization
Four Myths About Transatlantic Relations

US Domestic Issues:
Muslims in America
Tom Tancredo in Republican Debate on Torture: "I'm looking for Jack Bauer"

Military Strategy:
Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan: Germany's Defense Minister Criticizes US Policy
Are the US Rules of Engagement too "Trigger Happy"?

Iraq War:
German Intellectuals "flawed reasoning" behind the Support of the Iraq War
Retired British General: UK and US Must Admit Defeat and Leave Iraq

International Economics:
Drug Traffickers Prefer the Euro
Wolfowitz and the U.S. Right to Appoint the World Bank Presi-dent

US Foreign Policy:
Democrats Authorize Iraq War Funding to Increase Minimum Wage
Joseph Nye Wants a Smarter Superpower


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