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Those Evil Anti-Semitic Germans

"The most bizarre analyses" Prof Drezner has seen today: "U.S. Jews Must Protect Wolfowitz" by Scott Sullivan in the fairly popular online magazine Conservative Voice:
Germany’s motives in pushing these allegations against Wolfowitz are suspect. Reverting to form, Germany is hounding the Jews in order to take political power. Germany wants to assume command at the World Bank and is using the Wolfowitz controversy as a pretext.
The Conservative Voice was founded by a graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University, which has the motto "Christian Leadership to Change the World." These conservative Christians are not doing the Jewish community any favor by bringing up Wolfowitz' faith. I have the impression that less and less Jews appreciate the "support" from the Christian right.


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Zyme on :

What kind of a fool is that Sullivan? There is probably no need to sum up the number of mistakes in his assumptions. There sure are quite a number of influential people with a jewish background and due to our special "friendship" there may be worse things then seing them removed from duty - but to assume this is the intention of the german government is simply too absurd.

David on :

Poor Wolfie! The only friends he has left are the right-wing religious kooks and the drunken Trotskyist Christopher Hitchens.

pen Name on :

That any Jew should welcome support from US Christian Right is beyond me. You see, they (the Christian Right) do not care one whit about Jews, Judaism, or Israel. They want Israel to exits, so that it could be destroyed (according to their understanding of the Christian prophecies), so that Jesus would come back. So, yet more Jews have to die so that Christains may live. I think I have seen this before.

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