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US and German Officials Issue Terror Threat Warnings

ABC NEWS (HT: David):
U.S. and German officials fear terrorists are in the advanced planning stages of an attack on U.S. military personnel or tourists in Germany. "The information behind the threat is very real," a senior U.S. official told ABC News.
German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble told reporters, "The danger level is high. We are part of the global threat by Islamist terrorism." Of particular concern, according to U.S. and German law enforcement officials, is Patch Barracks, the headquarters for U.S. European Command, near Stuttgart.
A threat warning issued by United States in Germany last month could involve attack plans by an al Qaeda-affiliated group of Kurdish extremists, officials said on Friday. U.S. and German authorities said, however, that there was no new threat in Germany beyond the official April 20 State Department warning. They were responding to a report by ABC News on its Web site on Friday that officials believed terrorists were in the advanced planning stages for an attack on U.S. military personnel or tourists in Germany. In the April 20 warning, the U.S. embassy in Germany encouraged Americans in the country to increase their vigilance and take appropriate steps to bolster their personal security.
Hundreds of German police combed offices and flats associated with leftwing activists across six northern cities yesterday, saying they had evidence that a terrorist organisation was planning to disrupt next month's G8 summit.


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Zyme on :

So even before the first serious islamistic terror strike has occured everyone is going to run and hide under a police state? I expected this to happen AFTER a strike. It seems like we are no better than the Brits. When you read the reports, one might think there are terrorists in every street lurking behind every dark corner. It is a feeling like "Thank god the authorities turn this country into a police state so that we are saved!" The media want to earn money, and the state can never have enough power. That is why they want us to live in constant fear. If a baby was kidnapped by a terrorist, that would give a perfect justification for a biometrical registration of every newborn. Oh wait, this registration is already obligatory! "Der kleine Yannick aus Hamburg ist offenbar schon im zarten Alter von einem Jahr ein Fall für deutsche Anti-Terror-Fahnder. Jedenfalls muss seine Mutter für dessen Kinderausweis ein biometrisches Passbild anfertigen lassen - ein genormtes Foto also, das der Fahndungscomputer lesen kann, und mit Hilfe dessen Überwachungskameras Bürger leichter identifizieren können. Vorgeschrieben dabei: ein neutraler Gesichtsausdruck und geschlossene Lippen." (,4070,5276536-5,00.html) Oh well at least the leftists are intimidated by a police raid every now and then :D

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