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Fulbrighter Killed at Virginia Tech

The shooting on the Virginia Tech Campus started in the Introductory German class. The first victim was Professor Jamie Bishop, 35, who was a US Fulbright scholar to Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany. More information at Dialog International.
Our condolences to the families of all the victims of this tragedy.

UPDATE: Uwe Koch, president of the
German Fulbright Association, has sent the following Letter of Condolence to Virginia Tech and to the international mailing list for Fulbright Associations as well as posted it on the Memorial Site:
Dear Dr. Steger:

Senator W. Fulbright's idea was to build up a world of tolerance, mutual understanding - and even better - friendship; instead of animosity. If one lifts these ideas on a bigger scale, how can anyone see a reason in killing another person in an amok run like this. No one who bears Senator Fulbight's ideas and spirit in his own character can see any sense in this tragedy.

Members and Board of the German Fulbright Alumni Association convey their sympathies to the families of Professor Jamie Bishop (Fulbright scholar to Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany), Professor Liviu Librescu and all those who suffered from the Virginia Tech killings. In such a time of bereavement, it might be comforting to feel that one is not alone and that people all over the world also sympathize with these families.

Our most sincere condolences especially to Stefanie Hofer

On behalf of the board

Uwe Koch
Fulbright Alumni e.V.
German Fulbright Association


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Pat Patterson on :

One tried to bridge the gap between two nations and the other, at a young age, was almost killed when there were no bridges between nations.

Marin Marian-Balasa on :

Romania's Toll in Virginia Massacre Romania has paid its toll in the Virginia Tech massacre: Professor Liviu Librescu, 77 years old, was a most prominent, revered, and endeared scholar, scientist and teacher. Born in Bucharest, survivor of the Holocaust, in 1953 Liviu Librescu graduated from the Polytechnical Institute in Bucharest, then taught in this institution until the late 70s. In 1978 he emigrated to Israel, then into the US. From 1986 he served as a professor at the Virginia University, and visited Romania in 2000, when he was granted the Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Polytechnical University in Bucharest. On the fatidic day, Liviu Librescu protected his students with his body, by pushing himself against the class door to prevent the attacker's entrance. Wile doing so, many students were capable of saving themselves by jumping throughout the windows. Some of them also saw their professor falling under the bullets volley that penetrated the door. His heroism will continue to touch us deeply. Marin Marian-Balasa ("Romanian Fulbrigth Alumni" president)

Markus on :

First a guy from Ohio trains Al Qaeda types in Germany. And now this fella goes on a shooting spree in a German class. Is this payback for Anti-Americanism in Germany?

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