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Germany's "Vibrant" and Growing Jewish Community

"Six decades after Holocaust, Jewish life thriving again in Germany," writes USA Today:
According to the Central Council of Jews in Germany, an estimated 250,000 Jews now live in the country, with some 110,000 of them registered religious community members. Before 1990, there were only 23,000 Jewish community members in Germany, according to the Central Council.
"In 2005, more Jewish immigrants came to Germany than to Israel," said Stephan Kramer, the general secretary of the Central Council. "Without immigration, most of the Jewish communities would not exist anymore," he said, adding that about 200,000 Jews left the former Soviet Union for Germany since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Cosmopolitan, affordable Berlin in particular has become a magnet, home to several thousand young Israelis expats and hundreds of American Jews, prompting talk of a "Jewish renaissance" in a place where famous Jews like Albert Einstein or the artist Max Liebermann once lived.
The article writes that the World Jewish Congress considers Germany's Jewish community as "vibrant" and "the fastest growing in the world" and describes also the latest Passover:
"Twenty years ago, this would have been impossible in Berlin," said Jarosch, a real estate agent born and raised in the German capital. "But today we have an amazing Jewish infrastructure with kosher butchers, bakers, Jewish schools and several synagogues."


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Zyme on :

In this very article there is also an indicator of how safe they feel: "In fact, all Jewish institutions — even book stores and kosher groceries — get 24-hour police guard and concrete barriers." Maybe we should try lifting this protection and see what happens ;) It sure must cost one hell of money anway.

JW-Atlantic Review on :

Not all Jewish institutions get such strong protection. It's not that much compared to the security for the US embassy and Amerikahaus, etc....

SarahS on :

It is true that not all Jewish institutions get such strong protection. The USA Today article has sloppy reporting - Jewish institutions in the Pestalozzistr. area are well-integrated and have no concrete barriers. I should know: I live there. The kosher grocery a few blocks from the synagogue is well-integrated into the community. There is an unobtrusive but constant police patrol in the synagogue area, and a guard posted outside when there are services, a practice that happens equally at other Jewish institutions in Europe. Germany protects its Jewish population and their houses of worship in the same way that Spain or Great Britain do, and have done, since the late 1990s. It's a bit sad that this is what constitutes a normal Jewish population in this day and age: an endangered species that is growing slowly thanks to state protection and regular transfers from other countries into the native group. Reminds me of a certain Chinese bear...

Zyme on :

Like I said maybe the protection should be lifted. It seperates people from each other and costs a lot of money. And in case it causes a boost in criminal statistics, well then the jews at least know for sure how "welcome" they are.

Don S on :

"In 2005, more Jewish immigrants came to Germany than to Israel," I suspect so. In Israel Jewish immigrants are in a war zone- as targets. In Germany they have police protection. Which would you choose?

Markus on :

Israel. Jews run that country. In Germany they are in the minority. Many Israelis are angry of Jews living in Germany.

Volker on :

Why? Are they angry only of Jews living in Germany or are other Jews living in other countrys equally "disliked"?

Don S on :

One more thought - I wonder where the German Jewish emigrants are coming from? France, perhaps? I have read that France is hemorraging Jews, because in France they are almost as much of a target as in in Israel. But remember - like us Yankees the jews 'have it coming'.

Zyme on :

Well Don the situation in France must be pretty uncomfortable for them then. Articles like the one below explain why jewish schools in Germany are booming, but they don´t explain why more would want to come.,1518,453133,00.html

Pat Patterson on :

There seems to be some confusion or at least obfuscation on the numbers. Just last year it was reported that since a new German immigration law went into effect less than 700 Jews had migrated to Germany in the first nine months of 2006. And since there are no firm citations in the USA Today article I must remain highly skeptical of the claim that more than 20,000 Jews migrated to Germany compared to the figures cited by Haaretz of 19,264 moving to Israel. France's Jewish population does seem to be declining but the figure cited by the Jewish Agency puts the figure at 12,000 over the next 13 years, 494,000 in 2007 and an estimated figure of 282,000 by 2015. For a contrary view; [url],2144,2247891,00.html[/url]

David on :

I would like to recommend an excellent book about the period when Germany truly did have a "vibrant" Jewish community: Amos Elon:"The Pity of it All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch 1743-1933" (Available in German translation: "Zu einer anderen Zeit")

Reid of America on :

All prominent Jewish institutions in the US also have high levels of security. Most large synagogues have police on-site during prayer services. Many large synogogues have visible 24/7 private security on-site. And there are many individual Jews who attend synagogue carrying concealed weapons. Even at ultra-liberal Reform synagogues. One of the by-products of the Holocaust was the creation of armed and dangerous Jews who take their security very seriously. In fact, tiny Israel has just surpassed France and moved into 4th place in defense exports. I have always felt that the Muslim invasion of Europe is divine retribution for the destruction of European Jewry. Now most in Europe wish the Jews were back and the Muslims were gone. Lots of people hate Jews. It's mostly envy of their intelligence, money and accomplishments.

Anonymous on :

hae yu

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